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At Amauta our goals are to provide a personalized level of service and to give the everyday investor access to institutional style portfolio management.

Portfolio construction and management can be done a number of ways. We believe in investing in a concentrated group of world recognized companies.

"There should be adequate though not excessive diversification. This might mean a minimum of ten different issues and a maximum of about thirty."

Benjamin Graham

We don't track a particular benchmark and we like stocks of all company sizes. 

We customize our portfolios for the everyday investor seeking growth, income or preservation of principal. Our businesses selected, all share some common characteristics that in our opinion, will help increase the chance of these outperforming the broader stock market over time:

  • Industry Leaders 

  • Attractive Valuation

  • Changing Internal Dynamics

  • Market Share Opportunities 

Always Human-driven.

We believe in a human based approach to both our investment process and service we provide our customers. We manually scan through a universe of about 5000 stocks of which we work with about 100 of these to further analyze through our proprietary investment process and portfolio construction. 

From there we determine the group of stocks and invest you directly in these. We adjust weight and style of stocks according to your individual investment time horizon and risk tolerance. 

We like to think your portfolio is the "top of the line" for your particular time horizon and risk appetite. 

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Cash is King.

At Amauta we manage downside protection or "hedge" your portfolio by shifting your allocation to cash based on market conditions. We believe that holding cash is a more cost effective way to weather out tough market environments since it costs you nothing!

We range the cash exposure in your portfolio based on your individual risk tolerance, investment time horizon and market conditions. 

Amauta isn't for everyone.

Many investors think of investing as something more passive and are more confortable in a ETF strategy that covers the broad stock market, often controlled by robots and algorithms. Others, we recognize that you aspire to have human contact and compound your capital at rates of return that are higher than those of the general stock market. 

If you find yourself in the latter camp and enjoy being in a selected group of companies, than we think you are going to like Amauta. 

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