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Wall Street with a purpose.

Working for years as Portfolio Managers at investment firms showed us the everyday investor needed help.

So we created Amauta.

Concentrated strategies that are benchmark agnostic.

We invest you in a concentrated risk weighted portfolio of stocks. We also use Cash as an easy "hedge" during downturns. 

You should know what your money is invested in, always.

We enable you with real time insights and transparency to your portfolio so you can grow with us as an investor. 

As business owners, we think like business owners.

We look for sound business operations with increasing growth potentials. Simply, what every business owner would want for their own business. 

Companies owned by industry 


Our fees are very simple and we don't have any "lock-up" periods.

We know life happens and sometimes you need to tap in to your savings. So, your money is always liquid and only subject to normal settlement time of 3 business days.


annual advisory fee 


performance fee 


minimum investment 

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